Bus & coach

Buses and coaches offer one of the most efficient and flexible means of transport.

The extensive road infrastructure already in place, which can be shared with other vehicles, means more freedom is available in terms of the services which can be offered. Socially and environmentally they are therefore important as a balance can be achieved between urban development and sustainability.

Camozzi has many years of experience within this sector and supplies many of its leading names with components and systems that are easy to install and maintain. The wide range of solutions offered also benefit from being efficient, suitable for use in many different environments and insensitive to variations in tension and voltage.

In addition to the components included in our catalogues, special solutions are also available:

  • solutions to control the opening and closing of doors, suspension systems and seats
  • solutions for bocking systems, valves for air conditioning systems
  • fittings for braking systems and pneumatic panels can all be supplied for on board installation


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Bus & coach